Anima Copper Leaf Earrings

$69.00 AUD

Inspired by nature, each of these hand formed copper Leaf earring sets are uniquely crafted in Brisbane Australia and imbued with archetypal forms of the feminine.

Made from solid hand worked copper, they are very light to wear and can be polished to a high shine finish or left to develop an organic natural patina. They are paired with hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks.

As these are handmade and organically formed they will all vary in size, but are approximately:
Large Leaves: 5 -7 cm leaf tip to tip
Medium Leaves: 4.5 - 5cm leaf tip to tip
Small Leaves: 3cm leaf tip to leaf tip

Model is wearing Medium Leaves with stainless steel hook.

Postage is free within Australia.

"I love mine and I wear them all the time. They are so light and ethereal, and have a deep presence, all at the same time." Mary Emelaus