Neo Antiquity Copper Earrings

$145.00 AUD

There is an archetypal quality to these pieces, imbued with the essence of ancient antiquity, and simultaneously, a hint of 60s modernism.

As I hammered these copper earrings into shape in my studio, the forms that emerged seemed to forge an almost mythic connection to those artisans who have came before me, crafting and shaping this beautiful metal into jewellery for thousands of years.

A pure metal found in nature, copper has long been associated with energy, health and healing, highly desired not only for its beauty but its intrinsic properties of connection and conductivity. Copper is also one of the seven metals in ancient alchemy traditionally associated with Venus, love and fertility.

Each of one these sets are unique and created from lightweight copper sheets so, while they are absolutely striking statement pieces, they are also light and comfortable to to wear. As they are pure copper, they can be left to develop a natural organic patina over time, or polished to high metallic sheen.

Each drop is approximately 110mm with stainless steel hooks and comes beautifully presented in an organza pouch. They have a 5 year workmanship guarantee - I want you to love these as much as I do.