Stories Copper Earrings

$69.00 AUD

Created from hand hammered fold form copper between the beaches of Torquay and my Brisbane bush studio I imagine these pieces as markers of memory.

Reflecting the path of life as it unfolds across time, I trace ridges and lines like a contemplative, honouring stories past.

A pure metal found in nature, copper has long been associated with energy, health and healing, desired for its beauty and sought out for its intrinsic properties of connection, conductivity and flow. Copper is one of the seven metals in ancient alchemy, and traditionally associated with the planet Venus, love and fertility.

WIth the sublime patina of naturally aged copper, these pieces can be polished to a high shine metallic finish or can be left to develop organic natural tones. Light to wear, as these are handmade, each pair will have its own unique variations to map your own story.


Designed and created by Australian artist Tanja Stark.
Copper drops are approx 50mm with stainless steel hooks.
Free Tracked Australian postage.
Flatrate International postage.

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